Why Regular Tune-Ups are a Must for Trucking Fleets in Dallas

by May 30, 2022

While modern fuel-injected vehicles don’t require old-fashioned tune-ups, all vehicles still need a certain amount of regular maintenance that could fall into the tune-up category. This includes the trucks and semis in your trucking fleet. While tune-ups in the past meant getting parts like the spark plugs and condensers regularly replaced with new ones, nowadays the term is used interchangeably with maintenance.

It goes without saying that today’s vehicles no longer require the extremely tedious tune-ups or maintenance that old vehicles required, but that doesn’t mean that these vehicles no longer need to be maintained completely. 

Tune-ups actually involve “tuning,” or physically checking and manipulating engine parts that regulate engine timing, idle, and other functions for optimal performance. A tune-up requires a certain level of mechanical skill and an understanding of how an engine works.

But for the purposes of this article, you will read about tune-ups in the context of maintenance. Read on to find out which parts of your trucks or semis require regular tune ups and what you should do to keep your trucking fleet in great shape.

Regular Tune-Ups for Trucks

Truck repair services like preventative maintenance, engine diagnostics, oil changes, and tune-ups can help your trucks and semis perform better and last longer. Tune-up service is vital in keeping the engine clean and working correctly to enhance the overall performance. Here are some tune-ups on trucks or semis that happen during routine maintenance:

    • Changing engine oil
    • Changing transmission fluid
    • Replacing brake fluid
    • Replacing power steering fluid
    • Changing coolant
    • Inspecting belts and replacing those that are worn-out
    • Inspecting hoses and replacing those that are worn-out
    • Replacing cabin air filter

A well-maintained truck burns less fuel, breaks down less often, and may even lower your operating cost in the long run. Taking a proactive approach also means you can stop problems in their tracks before they snowball into safety hazards. 

Here are some benefits of giving your trucks and semis regular tune-ups:

    • Costs less money in the long run
    • Prevents sudden road accidents that could lead to loss of property or life
    • Regular fleet maintenance ultimately reduces the risk of incurring legal liabilities based on negligence
    • Reduces the risk of accidents that could hamper productivity and push back deliverables

A regularly set inspection schedule is the first step to maintaining a healthy fleet. Preventive maintenance like oil changes, tire changes, and engine cleaning must be done regularly. If the cost or effort of maintaining this schedule is too high, consider hiring a dedicated, experienced fleet inspector who will take care of these things for you. Consider hiring truck maintenance companies in Texas for this role.

If you’re too busy to handle truck maintenance yourself, or if you don’t have the time to regularly check when your trucks need tune-ups, you can always leave this task to the experts. Here at WTX Truck Repair, LLC, we’d gladly manage regular tune ups for your trucks. We are a trusted truck maintenance company in Dallas, Texas ready to address all of your trucking needs.


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