When Should I Be Servicing my Trucking Fleet in Dallas?

by May 13, 2022

Fleet managers all know how important fleet maintenance is to the success of their business. Aside from efficient scheduling and assignment as well as proper monitoring of driver practices, maintaining the vehicles in a fleet is key to ensuring efficiency, profitability, and consistent operations. 

So when exactly should you schedule truck tune ups in Dallas? We’re here to clear things up as we outline how often you should be visiting your truck service shop in Dallas, Texas. 

What cues signal it’s time for a truck tune up in Dallas

The simplest answer is that each truck in your fleet should have scheduled maintenance at least once a year. That’s not the maximum though and chances are you’re going to need more visits to your preferred truck service shop in Dallas, especially if the truck is older or heavily used. During this scheduled preventive maintenance, you can expect your truck to get its oil changed, have worn out parts fixed or replaced, and have the rest of the vehicle checked for any damage or wear that may need attention. 

Annual maintenance is the minimum interval for preventive maintenance. There are still other factors that you need to consider that will have you scheduling more maintenance with your chosen Dallas truck maintenance company. Things to look out for are: 



    Each truck should be serviced every 30,000 miles, but older and more heavily used vehicles may need to have more frequent visits every 15,000 miles 


    It’s a good idea to send your car to a truck service shop in Dallas, TX at the start of each season. This is to ensure that the vehicle is ready for the season’s conditions like changing the coolant/antifreeze to match the weather. 


    Long-haul trucks are more heavily used and will need to be serviced more frequently to keep up with the wear and tear it experiences.

    The importance of truck maintenance in Dallas, TX  

    Sometimes it can feel like a chore to get your trucks checked and serviced. There are also times where business is heavier than usual so you might think it makes more sense to keep the trucks working instead of having downtime while it’s in the shop. 

    Don’t make these mistakes and always stick to a schedule that you set with your partner Dallas truck maintenance company. Keeping up with this regular schedule benefits a fleet by:

    • Prolonging vehicle lifespan
    • Maintaining fuel efficiency
    • Preventing breakdowns
    • Ensuring vehicle safety
    • Keeping compliant with DOT standards 

    At the end of the day, keeping to a fixed schedule can help prevent any unexpected downtime brought about by breakdowns, so you won’t be left scrambling trying to fulfill customer expectations. If you can’t choose a day for your truck’s maintenance, the truck will choose a day for you. 

    Where to get truck maintenance in Dallas, TX

    Some fleets choose to do their repairs in house, through their own maintenance team. If your company can handle this, then this can be a good option that makes it easier to get your vehicles serviced and ensures that there will always be someone to check on your fleet. 

    However, some companies simply can’t handle the financial and operational challenges that come with having your own in-house maintenance team. For companies in Dallas like this, the next best option is to partner with a truck maintenance company in Dallas, like WTX Truck Repair, LLC. 

    WTX Truck Repair has your back when it comes to truck maintenance in Dallas, TX. Whether it’s regularly scheduled truck maintenance, unexpected repairs, or even roadside assistance in Texas, we can help you keep your fleet in tip-top shape. With a full team that specializes in truck maintenance, you don’t have to worry about the little details or securing the proper parts and tools to get the job done, letting you focus on what matters most: your business. 

    Contact WTX Truck Repair today and see how we can help you and your fleet stay  ready all year round! 

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