What You Should Know About Summer Truck Maintenance in Dallas

by Jun 30, 2022

A truck driving through different weather conditions experiences more wear and tear on its parts and components. While it’s obvious that winter makes driving more difficult with a higher chance of breakdowns, summers in Dallas also present a similar risk.

Mechanics all over the country see so many trucks come in the hot season and WTX Truck Repair sees the same when it comes to summer truck repair in Dallas. But before the time comes that you absolutely need truck repair in Dallas, here are a few things you should know when driving through in the summer.

Cooling system

The most obvious thing you should check and maintain is the cooling system of your truck. Temperatures in Dallas can reach as high as 95˚, so the temperature inside your engine will definitely be higher.

Check to see that your radiator is topped up with coolant and that the coolant to water ratio is correct. It’s also a good idea to get an engine wash to flush out any dirt and debris from the radiator that can cause overheating.

Check the cooling system for any holes, leaks, or malfunctions while you’re at it. Coolant hoses wear from the inside out as they age. If your hose is spongy, it’s time for a new one. It’s an easy maintenance task that can save you time and money on summer truck repairs in Dallas.

Air conditioning

Keeping the driver cool is just as essential as keeping your engine cool. Check to see whether that air conditioning system is functioning properly and efficiently cooling the occupants. In the height of summer, high temperatures can cause discomfort for drivers, making it difficult to drive safely.

Here are some things to check. Best to do this early in the summer before the heat really comes in:

  • Check for any noises coming from the blower motor. If there’s any noise, replace it.
  • Observe any gas leakages. If there’s any, repair the leakages and charge gas.
  • Hose, fittings and bends, hose pipes, and flex points should be inspected.
  • The condenser and the filters should be clean and free from debris.


Battery upkeep should always be part of your Dallas summer truck maintenance routine. Contrary to what some may think, the Texas heat is much harder on batteries than winter temperatures. High temperatures can cause quick corrosion that significantly lowers your battery’s voltage over time.

Cleaning the battery can eliminate built-up battery acid, especially at Dallas terminals. Be sure to check your battery cables and wiring, making sure they’re clean and free from damage. Also test the battery itself and see if it still gives consistent voltage readings. If you’re getting varied voltages, you might have a weak cell, signaling a replacement is due soon.

Never neglect your battery. The last thing your driver wants is to get stuck in the middle of the desert with a truck that won’t start.


The Dallas summer heat has a major impact on your tires, its air pressure, and its grip. Be mindful and constantly check your tires’ air pressure and tread. If tires are looking worn or the tread is disappearing and thin, it’s time for a replacement.


Brakes will wear over time with any use but if your truck sees extreme temperatures in the summer and winter, your brakes will wear faster. Check these whenever conducting summer truck maintenance in Dallas and before embarking on any trip and replace them when necessary to avoid dangerous situations and costly repairs.

Stay on track with summer truck maintenance in Dallas with a trusted truck repair provider in Dallas, TX

When it comes to keeping your truck in top shape, nothing beats a regular preventive maintenance schedule. Keeping track of truck maintenance and getting it done right is much easier with the help of a trusted company you can rely on for truck repair in Dallas, TX like WTX Truck Repair.

We’re here to help you and your fleet with all your maintenance needs. Whether it’s regular preventive maintenance, emergency truck repair in Dallas, or roadside assistance, WTX Truck Repair has your back. Contact us today and see how we can be your partner in keeping your fleet in great condition.

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