Keeping Your Semi-truck in Good Shape

by Aug 19, 2021

If you own or operate a semi-truck, you surely have an idea of its importance to the business and its role in providing successful operations for your company and its customers. Given that, any time a truck breaks down or is otherwise unusable and can’t make a trip, this makes a huge impact on the business and its clients. The value of keeping an eye on the condition of your truck is indispensable and can help your company save on costs and even gain additional profit from a well performing fleet. So whether you’re a driver, a fleet manager, or part of a Dallas truck maintenance outfit, here are a few things to keep in mind to keep your truck road-worthy.

Change Your Oil Regularly

Any responsible car owner should keep an eye on the different fluids needed to keep it running and the same goes for trucks. One of the most important fluids that is known everyone is motor oil. The oil in your truck is responsible for many things including lubricating key parts of the engine, transferring heat to safer areas, prevent corrosion, and flush the engine of little debris that can cause friction that makes engine run hotter than normal. Without a regular change, old and dirty oil can cause your truck to run less efficient and consume more fuel. On the extreme, enough neglect can lead to your engine breaking down, which leads to even more costly repairs that will take a longer time to accomplish than a simple oil change.

Check On The Other Fluids

Besides oil, there are other important fluids that need to be topped up or replaced regularly such as brake fluid, power-steering fluid, coolant, and windshield washer fluid. Brake fluid and power-steering fluid are hydraulic fluids keep your steering and brakes, two vital components for driving a truck, functioning normally and can prolong the life of other more expensive components. Coolant is also important to prevent your truck from overheating. An engine that overheats is expensive to repair or replace, so a quick check of the radiator and reservoir can prevent any nasty mishaps from getting in the way of a trip.

Tire Wear, Alignment, And Rotation

Tires are another important part of any vehicle. Even if everything is running perfectly, a flat tire is going to keep that truck from going anywhere. Always check for proper inflation according to the manufacturer’s standard. Proper air pressure ensures fuel efficiency and also prevents undesired tire wear. While checking a tire’s air pressure, also inspect it for any damage or significant wear. A worn out tire is not only more prone to punctures and going flat, but will also have less grip that impacts the vehicles safety.

Wheel alignment and tire rotation are also useful methods to ensure longevity and facilitates proper wear across all tires. Alignment makes sure that your tires track straight especially at high speeds, while both alignment and rotation helps even out wear across all tires. This minimizes accidents like flat tires or blowouts. As the only things that touch the ground, proper tire condition is imperative for road safety and huge factor in fuel efficiency.

Replacing The Air Filter

The filters in a truck’s engine are also important pieces that must be changed regularly. These filters help prevent dust and debris from entering the engine that can ruin its performance. The frequency of you needing to change these filters will depends on the truck’s use and the environment it’s in. The sandy environment of Texas has many Dallas truck maintenance experts suggesting regular replacement to guarantee proper airflow to the engine to maintain fuel efficiency. Some filters can be cleaned a few times before needing to be replaced, so regular cleaning will also keep the filer operating as its intended.

Schedule Regular Maintenance With Experienced Mechanics

Despite checking up on your trucks regularly, daily inspections, fluid top ups, and minor adjustments will always need to be supported by regular maintenance. The benefit you get from an experienced team for truck maintenance in Dallas is tremendous in keeping your fleet in top shape. Before anything breaks that has you scrambling for truck repair in Dallas, Texas, go ahead and get in touch with a maintenance service provider like WTX Truck Repair, LLC. You get a seasoned team with special experience in trucks and fleet management that keeps your business running. Trucking involves so much more than just maintaining a vehicle, so you should be able to focus on those while professionals keep your semi-truck in good shape.

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