Extending Your Truck’s Lifespan: Some Tips For Preventative Maintenance

by Jul 21, 2021

Any business that has its own fleet understands that every truck is an investment. As such, it’s important to maximize that investment by letting every truck operate for as long as possible. While there are plenty of factors that are out of your business’ control, truck maintenance is a good way to keep your trucks in its best state for as long as possible.

Truck maintenance can benefit your fleet proactively. Having your truck checked can stop minor damages from growing into major issues that can cost you more if left unchecked. Although there are costs to preventive maintenance, it’s a much smaller cost in the long run compared to the issues you might have to have truck repair services for if you don’t follow your maintenance schedule.

When it comes to preventative maintenance, we strongly recommend having professionals with experience in handling trucks perform maintenance. We’ll give a thorough inspection of every part of your truck. But if you want to further protect the state of your fleet, here are a few things your business can do to keep your trucks in top shape.

Schedule Your Trucks

Don’t just look at the operation schedules of your drivers; how far or how often your trucks are on the road can also have an effect on your truck’s systems.
For instance, you might have two trucks with the same specifications. However, Truck A is used more frequently and is used to transport goods within the state of Texas, while Truck B is used less frequently but for interstate destinations. In this case, one truck may need to undergo preventative maintenance earlier than the other.

When it comes to semi trucks, there are various factors to consider to create a maintenance schedule that is practical but at the same time does not leave your truck vulnerable to damage that’s seen too late. These factors include:

  • Engine hours
  • Fuel levels
  • Mileage
  • Route of your truck drivers

If you have multiple trucks, we recommend scheduling your preventative maintenance based on mileage. When your truck reaches a certain number of miles (depends on the model and size), it’s time to bring it to a shop and have it undergo maintenance.

Take Advantage Of Downtime

It may seem counterproductive to give your trucks downtime because they’re not making your business money on the road. But having your trucks undergo maintenance during the downtime in between trips can not only increase your truck’s lifespan, but it can also save your business from potential accidents on the road.

Legal website Enjuris.com found that poorly maintained vehicles are one of the top five causes of truck accidents and injuries. Trucking companies are required to properly inspect a truck before it’s sent on the open road. Not all companies give their trucks the downtime they need to undergo maintenance, and it’s one of the reasons why many trucks get into serious – and expensive – accidents.

And look at it this way: it’s much better for your company to have your trucks undergo maintenance during its downtime rather than letting your trucks deteriorate until you’re forced to have it fixed due to malfunction – which can cost you almost $800 per day.

Train Your Drivers

Your drivers will be the ones in control of your fleet on the road, so it’s important they know the ins and outs of running your vehicles. While a commercial driver’s license means they are generally much more capable than the average driver, it wouldn’t hurt to give your drivers refresher courses on road safety and proper handling of your fleet.

Have Your Fleet Ready For The Open Road

It’s always a smart business choice to keep your fleet in its best shape because. A steady fleet is one that lasts for as long as possible and maximizes your investment on your trucks. These additional steps can help you protect that investment by preventing major damage before it depreciates your vehicle’s quality and costs more to fix.

When it comes to preventative maintenance, however, leave it to the professionals at WTX Truck Repair, LLC. Our highly-skilled team has provided truck maintenance to various businesses in Dallas, Texas, and we aim for total customer satisfaction with every truck we service.

Get in touch with us today to help bring your fleet to its best state.

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