5 Things to Do If You Have a Roadside Truck Breakdown in Dallas

by Jun 15, 2022

Accidents happen and sometimes they can happen at the worst times. Experiencing a truck breakdown on a Dallas highway can be really frustrating and it can throw your trip’s plans off track. A breakdown means that your truck isn’t productive and delays in your delivery can disrupt business.

But what’s most important is safety: of the driver, the truck and cargo. That’s why we’ve gathered the five essential things a truck driver must do if their truck breaks down in Dallas.

Get off the road safely

You will usually get a sort of warning of a possible truck breakdown while in Dallas, like your engine losing power or you hear a tire burst. When you notice these, you should start to make your way off the road as soon as you can. Watch for other cars and use your turn signals to let others know where you’re headed. Don’t turn on your hazard lights until you’re stopped, or you can cause confusion among other drivers.

When finding a place to stop, make sure you are clear of the road and not blocking traffic. Park the truck in a secure spot, with firm ground that’s preferably flat. Don’t forget to engage your parking brake and chock your wheels if you’re parked on an incline.

Make you and your truck visible

Once the truck is safe and secure, you have to make the truck and yourself visible. Turn on the hazard lights. They should be clean, so they’re seen from far distances. Also set up warning triangles to let drivers know to move away from your lane. For heavy trucks, it’s recommended to place these about 250 yards in front and behind at the side of the rear of the truck.

When outside your vehicle and especially when close to Dallas roads, it’s recommended that you wear bright clothing that doesn’t match the color of your truck to make sure you’re seen by oncoming drivers.

Exit your truck carefully

Be cautious when exiting the truck. It’s recommended to leave the truck from the passenger side to avoid traffic. Don’t leave the truck if you feel unsafe or if Dallas weather looks unpredictable from the inside of your truck.

Call for roadside assistance

If something happens to your truck and it’s safe, you should call for emergency assistance right away. You should also find out what the company’s policy is if you have a truck breakdown in Dallas. Some companies will want you to contact them first, while others have arrangements with a roadside assistance provider. If that’s the case, you will need to have your truck towed to the nearest service center. Knowing what to do in the event of a truck breakdown can save you time and money.

If your company requires you to contact roadside assistance directly, you shouldn’t forget to let them know what’s happened. The dispatcher will need updates on your location and status so they can inform the customer and move things around if needed without disturbing operations.

If the situation permits, you can go outside the truck and inspect it to see what’s causing the issue. Some common truck problems in Dallas are easy to fix so someone can handle the repairs on the side of the road to get you back up and running.

You can attempt to fix it yourself if you know how to repair your Dallas truck and if you’re authorized to do so. Some companies have policies that only allow certain professionals to handle repairs and truck maintenance in Dallas, TX.

Stay clear of the road

The first and last thing to remember is to stay clear of the road when going through a truck breakdown in Dallas. That means both you and the truck should not be blocking the highway or getting close to oncoming traffic.

If you’re inspecting the truck or conducting roadside repairs, always be aware of how far you are from moving vehicles. When possible, stay off the road and behind a barrier.

Let us help you with your truck needs in Dallas

If you’re in need of roadside assistance or just regular truck maintenance in Dallas, TX look no further than WTX Truck Repair. We’re your trusted partner in truck repair and maintenance in Dallas. With a committed and skilled team at your disposal, we’ll help keep your truck road worthy all-year round. Contact us today!

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