5 Common Engine Issues Trucks Face and How to Repair Them

by Jul 12, 2021

Just like normal pedestrian vehicles, trucks can also suffer from common engine problems. Since there are many parts in the truck engine, it can be tough to pinpoint the cause of the problem if you are not familiar with the telling signs. In case of any unforeseen issues, you should get your truck repairs, Dallas, Texas done by a competent truck repair professional.

However, we have come up with this article to highlight the 5 common engine issues trucks face and the signs to look out for. Let’s explore more.


Overheating is one of the most common issues your trucks can face, especially if they are long-distance carriers. If your truck is overheating, look for is obstructions that could potentially be blocking the airflow to the radiator.

If the engine is clear of any obstructions, you can then go ahead and take a closer look at components like the engine fan, belts, tires, and brakes to ensure everything is working smoothly. If your tires are dragging or your axles are not properly rolling, it could also lead to overheating.

Furthermore, the cause of the engine overheating could be the weather. For example, if you are driving on steep gradients, consider turning off your air conditioner and gear down to keep the engine at a comfortable temperature. You should also make sure coolant/oil levels are sufficient at all times.

High Engine Noise

You may likely hear some inconsistent noise in the engine or some high knocking sounds. This may be caused by the fuel injectors not functioning well and could lead to a loss in compression balance and lower the truck performance rate. When this happens, it is advisable that you consult professional truck maintenance immediately.


Another common engine problem is smoke emitting from under the hood. You can use the color of the smoke as an indicator of the problem. If the smoke is black, it means you need to clean the air filters to fix the issue. Black smoke can also be giving signs of problems with the injectors or cylinder heads. If the smoke is white, then the problem is either with the engine compression or engine timing. The blue smoke could be indicating the piston rings, cylinders, or valves are suffering from wear and tear.

Lack of Power

A lack of power is usually experienced when the engine does not accelerate as it is supposed to. It can be caused by excessive lubrication, dirty fuel filters, loose throttle linkage, and issues with the fuel injectors. To deal with this, all you have to do is change the fuel filters.

Hard starting

If your truck is not starting, the first thing is to take a look at the fuel supply and check for signs of contamination. In some cases, the issue could be as simple as replacing the fuel filters. If that is not the issue, inspect the fuel lines and fuel pump for any signs of damage.

Another reason your truck is not starting easily could be due to a weak connection between the starter and the battery. If the connections are intact, inspect the starter motor for any signs of visible damage.

Let Us Help You Solve Your Engine Issues

Although troubleshooting common engine problems for trucks is not a bad idea, you shouldn’t forget to take special precautions in the process. For example, when buying parts for repairs or replacements. You should not buy a Mercedez spare part if you are driving a Volvo. If you have the right parts for your truck and a solid understanding of how the vehicle works inside and out, you can promptly respond to any technical difficulties whenever they arise.

If you think the issue is beyond what you can handle, it is safer to just leave it to professionals. However, you should be careful with who you give the authority to access your engines. For the best result, reach out to us at West Texas Truck Repair, LLC. We are a veteran-owned and operated truck and trailer repair company. We specialize in 24/7 Mobile Repair services.

To crown it all, we have a full-service shop that is capable of handling the repairs of any type of truck. Our Mechanics are experienced, professional, and in the business of getting the customer back on the road quickly and safely.

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