4 Essential Things Trucking Fleet Managers In Dallas Should Always Keep In Mind

by Sep 29, 2021

Fleet operations and fleet management are essential to any organization that relies on commercial vehicles. In fleet management, all fleet performance and maintenance are overseen to increase productivity and help a business run smoothly.

Whether it is your first time as a manager or already a veteran fleet manager, there are four essential trucking fleet manager tips you should always keep in mind:

#1: Keep Your Fleet Running Smoothly With Regular Maintenance

To achieve your company’s overall sales and service goals, you must keep your drivers safe on the road. However, if your fleet isn’t well maintained or in good shape, none of that is possible. By keeping an eye on truck maintenance costs, you can act before they pile up and escalate.

Whenever you run into a problem, work with your fleet maintenance provider. If your vehicle is being repaired and you have an unexpected setback, notify your fleet maintenance company. They should be able to help expedite the repairs so that your company can minimize downtime and improve customer satisfaction.

#2: Optimize Maintenance Timelines To Reduce Fleet Operation Costs

A fleet’s maintenance costs comprise the majority of its budget, and waiting until a vehicle breaks before fixing it is a recipe for a hefty maintenance bill. When you factor in the cost of towing trucks, high service fees, missed warranty opportunities, and possible vehicle replacements, taking care of a roadside breakdown can quickly add up.

By developing a preventive maintenance program for your fleet, you ensure better control over your vehicles’ health and a lower risk of unexpected repairs and breakdowns. Preventive maintenance schedules allow you to set ideal intervals for regular servicing, either by age or mileage, so you can assess your vehicles on a predictable timeline and avoid costly issues before they occur.

#3: Address Employee Disengagement Immediately

For fleets, high driver turnover is a significant issue, but understanding employee disengagement and burnout will help you address costly issues before they become unmanageable. When you know the underlying causes of disengagement, you can create an action plan to address it before your fleet experiences truck driver burnout or employee turnover.

People can shut down when they feel more run down at work than lifted up. The next time you notice an employee who was once outspoken is avoiding communication with leadership or co-workers, it might be time to ask them what’s going on and what kind of support they need.

#4: Simplify Fleet Management Operations With Technology

Fleets vary in their needs and management styles, but one thing remains the same: the need for fleet data reporting. No matter the size or industry of your fleet, data reporting is essential to ensuring cost-effective and efficient operations. A comprehensive fleet management software (FMS) is the easiest way to gather data in fleet management since there are so many moving parts.

A well-designed FMS can help reduce employee stress and anxiety; features such as workflow automation and digital data collection make it easier for anyone involved in daily fleet operations to keep track of what needs to be done and when. By eliminating guesswork and minimizing activities not directly related to the assigned job, employees can focus on priority tasks. Implementing a robust, easy-to-use fleet management system improves both asset and employee productivity.

Globally, fleets operate in highly regulated environments full of risks and challenges. As a fleet manager, you must anticipate challenges not only with the day-to-day operations, but also with the future. By following these four trucking fleet manager tips, you can reduce your risk and challenges, from costly maintenance to driver safety and engagement.

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